Old College Series

Completed works On exhibition at Aberystwyth School of Art – May 2019

Title: Old College Series (Degree Show)

Medium: Acylic on Canvas

Size: Eight 60x75cm Canvases

Date: 2019

The Old College is an icon of the seaside town of Aberystwyth. Large parts of the building we see today were built as a hotel, around Castle House, a private house designed by John Nash in 1794, that was later demolished. The hotel began construction in 1864 and the structure was slowly reconfigured and rearranged internally both to make it better suited to the purpose and as the result of a major fire in 1885 which destroyed large parts of the North Wing.

This Project looking at whether it was possible to engage with a historic building using abstract geometric paintings as against representational works. It resulted in the producing of a number of paintings inspired by Old College’s Colours and shapes. This Project was also taken to the Welsh Government as part of the Cerdigion Heritage Youth Panel (Chyps) stand at the Youth Voice Conference in 2019.

CHYPs stand at Senndd Building Summer 2019

Photo Credit RCAHMW

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