Apothecary of Emotion

DSC_0047 - Copy.JPG

Title: Apothecary of Emotion

Medium: Mixed Media installation

Date: February 2018

Further exploring the idea of attempting to preserve emotions, second hand objects associated with childhood, with potential genuine links to the emotions indicated in both  on the front of each Jar.

  • The Endurance jar contains second hand Tennis balls, linking to sporting efforts
  • The Strategy Jar contains no less than 153 playing dice amongst other board game pieces with links to the strategy in on the thousands of occasions in witch board games they were once part of were played.
  • The third jar contains parts of items dear to every child, the stuffing from second hand teddy bears and equivalent.

Each one of these items links to 10s or even 100s of past situations unknown to the viewer. They have been labelled as different emotions to simplify the concept and bring forth the idea of an apothecary. I hoped to in the same manner that objects belonging to saints, prophets, celebrities and personalities throughout history are held up for the emotional or physical ties to that person, show objects with emotional links to many more everyday circumstances of past decades. I wanted to look at weather the handling of objects imbues them with emotional significance, even if that significance is no longer known.

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