Copyright Disclaimer.


All Photographs, Paintings and other artworks are protected by UK and International copyright laws. This prevents people from doing the following without expressed permission, ‘copying work, distributing copies of it, making adaptations of work or putting it on to the internet’ etc. If you are interested in using any of my work then please get in contact and I may be glad to get involved! Contact details found on contact page.  To read more about UK copyright law see click on the preceding link to government page regarding it.

Other Artists – Artwork and Photographs 

Works on this site that are not mine, are either out of copyright, I have permission to do so or they are items of unknown origin such as archive photographs held within my personal collection.  As regards the final point if you see a photo published that you believe by law you own the copyright for please do get in contact. Its not always possible to track down the photographer. So i sincerely apologies if you feel in anyway aggrieved because you have spotted a historic photo witch yourself, family, organisation or business has a legitimate claim too.

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