The Final Push, Frontier and the Home Straight!

Developing Degree Show work, the lead up to exhibition and creation of the painting series.

With the aims decided and process tested, the only thing left to do was to begin the paintings over the final three months, 14 collages, 12 digital compositions and 8 paintings were created, with a focus on geometric precision the pieces were a challenge to keep tidy. By the time last piece of series was complete the process had been perfected to such an extent, that i wished to start again, however time would not allow that but it has been necessary to work backwards though series ensuring there all of same standard.

In the end after much discussion and experimentation with materials it was decided to change plan and to go for factory made canvases, but endeavored to get the highest standard that was affordable and appropriate to avoid any risk to work. Each canvas was primed over the top of factory priming with an “off white” tone created by mixing a small amount of Naples Yellow with Titanium White, this prevented the glare of the white and fitted the subject better. This did present difficulties with mixing as to get same off white.

It was during this period that a pursuit of precision had to develop to avoid having to go back on oneself too much tape continued to be used, and colour mixing was changed to allow for minimal risk of contamination, by mixing on a clean pallet each time. Extra paint was made for each block of colour to allow opportunity for touching up and on the whole the process became far more scientific and less clumsy. Photos of the degree show set can be seen below.

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