Work which is Developing Towards Degree Show

Beggining to develop a Process in Which Real life scenes are fragmented and abstracted, following on from drainpipe composition. Inial attempts in this area were less successful as i tried to combine multiple scenes, and his complicated and confused. However they did engage wih ‘Old College’, and began with a collage which was then scanned in a transferred into a digital composition.

This staged proess became inportant and whislt I did experminent with varies methods of paint application as to break up the solid shapes in the pictures it was the solid shape compositions based form the collages hat i chose to carry on. Some of he experimentation can be seen below.

Some examples of early collages from my sketchbook can be seen here, they were fun to create but i wanted a more simplistic serious of shapes to base the paintings off. I also liked the idea with working with Old College working within such a beautiful building it was hard not to allow it to seep into work.

Late one evening as I packed up my studio for the day before being kicked out of building I noticed an interesting compostion on the forth floor above the west classroom when washing brushes in the sink, it was at this point, that my subject was found. This would form the basis of the first piece of my Degree serious, the process can be seen below, of how a single location was adapted into a abstract collage inspired by its shapes and colours. This is the direction I have decied to take degree show.

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