Artistically engaging with historic buildings.

Y Hen Goleg/The Old College.

The Old College is a mega structure which adorns the seafront of Aberystwyth. Much of it originally built as a Hotel around Castle House, but with a major fire, numerous rebuilds and additions over the years. Despite falling out of use in recent years the building holds a special place in the hearts of many Aberystwyth Students, Alumni and the people of the town and further afield in Wales. It’s a hugely significant building and highlights a key moment in Wales’ History, whilst being neglected somewhat in recent years, it’s about to see a £26million refit, which will allow it to return to the heart of the community.

After my thoughts with Cardiff Castle, I decided there was no better place to engage with a historic building than The Old College, which was literally on my doorstep. I requested to move my Studio to Old Collage, and initially worked developing Landscape paintings but soon was drawn back to this building. I began to develop a serious of works which attempted too contrast the building, as a sort of tribute to it. They won’t attempt to mirror the style but rather take inspiration from the structure.

Lobby outside Seddon Room, looking towards main entrance.
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