Framenting Drainpipes

After taking the landscape compositions as long as wanted for the mean time. I became stuck unsure of what the next move was and without the faintest idea of what i could use to progress towards degree show. I had been continuing to catch the interest in the everyday as i always have done on my phone as going about my business, everyday compositions which I felt could be developed into artistic compositions as below.

It was whilst doing this, that I noticed how well the colour of two neighboring houses in Aberystwyth worked together, saving a photo. I thought nothing of it till returning to the Studio when having idea to fragment that image, reusing the shapes in different composition. This slowly developed in the a pursuit of Abstraction.

Though the use of a Photocopier, double-sided tape, Scotch tape, a sketchbook and a pair of scissors. A new method of working had been hit on. Each time it went though process it was further abstracted.

Drainpipe in Aberystwyth – enlarged photocopy’s of A5 paper collages –2019.

I decided for with a view to transferring it into paint that the second and third abstraction were just a step too far leaving the work to fragmented and too complex. Where as the first abstraction provided perfect basis for a geometric abstract.

Drainpipe in Aberystwyth – Acrylic – 2019
(big painting, little painting, cardboard box).

A simplified version was then used on a ten by twelve inch canvas before being supersized to a larger stretcher. This idea has worked really well and would like to develop project in this way looking towards Degree show.

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