Paper Landscapes

After completing the Nant-Y-Moch Painting I decided to look at developing a number of larger landscape collage pieces. The first two paintings created can be seen below they are inspired by the view of the Cambrien Mountains from the village Borth in Mid- Wales (left) and Cadair Idris in Snowdonia North Wales (right).

The collage materials in Cambrian Mountains work included a photocopy of a 1895 property sale document from Yorkshire. Fragments of a 1936 Dictionary, pages from a 1977 copy of the Three Musketeers, a sales label from my 2016 solo exhibition, more marbled paper and part of a brightly coloured paper bag from Leeds. 😊

The Cadair painting was recorded as it developed. It attempts to draw together many of the techniques used so far. Drawing inspiration from notable landscape and abstract artists, as well as less well known abstract, landscape and collage artists/painters.

At the time I was proud of this painting but as this process developed further and then the project eventually took a different direction; I fell out with it. The next few works developed using this process were based from Snowdon and Photographs taken in Andulucia when on residency in 2017.

Andulucia & Snowdon – Works in progress at this point. – Mixed Media 2019

Deciding to try creating paintings without the collage element. As I felt it was becoming a distraction. If brought back in would have to be justified. It also was an issue for my historian side that the papers were not always related to the landscape. So began mass producing Landscape works as can be seen below.

I eventually became very stuck, unsure where too take the project, and not feeling he landscapes i was producing were of a high enough standard to be used towards Degree Show. The below painting takes inspiration from both Snowdonian scene and a the colours are influenced by an old crate of beer bottles that I rediscovered when having a clearout at home.

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