Breaking out the collage materials…

Looking back to my childhood, creating collages and breaking my golden rule of not using the Historical items themselves in the Artwork. By using old items with little historical value as the basis for new paintings. Combining a variety of recent techniques in to new Acrylic and collage pieces 😊!

Using found collage elements to build up the base for paintings. Such as the fragments of a mass produced late Victorian picture with a Bible quote found in an antique frame, pages from a 1950’s Encyclopedia and 1936 Oxford English dictionary, a scrap of marbled paper from a kids workshop I ran a few years back, a bit of a Cambridge University exam paper from the 1960’s, a scrap of 1970’s wallpaper and a selection of photocopied enlargements of from my photography archive.

In soon started to develop a process of building up layers this can be seen in the Nant-Y-Moch landscape painting. Bringing together again what was learnt in previous paintings. Before adding collage I used geometric shapes as foundations, followed by a more relist layer, then laundering the painting. Carefully chosen collage elements were then added and interspersed with geometric shapes.

Discovering after spending so much time and money, looking to work with 10x12inch canvas that the sudden change in my painting project to include collage. It has become difficult to put forward in a subtle but successful manor that does not overcrowd composition on this size. It was at this point where decided to experiment with size. After having a chance to develop idea as seen in photos. Basis of this painting was decided to be based of a Sketch from Summer near Nant-y-Moch Ceredigion, It is based from the view looking out of a very old stone agricultural ruin containing a small cottage room and a larger room probably used for animals. It is likely it was Abandoned in the 1960s after the building of the reservoir reduced agricultural activity in the area.

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