Creating Compositions

Looking at means of creating shapes to use as basis for artwork, using objects in Studio, this was used as basis and began e being before adapted and further developed. Also decided to try moving back to normal canvases but ones of a different fabric that is smoother. I began to work building up layers using acrylic medium to allow some shapes o be transparent.


looking at using coloured objects to create a geometric composition, as can be seen below i emptied out the studio draws for the small painting below. slowly simplify the composition then complicating it . Focusing on layering colours and shapes rather than a representational image.

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Going further this idea, began to abstract further, by taking cropped areas of the two paintings. This was a process that I recall being shown years ago in a school art class, bringing it though into professional context, was somewhat successful. The paintings however were more starting points for Abstract compositions than successful pieces in themselves. The two paintings developed can be seen below.

I am still continuing to develop the set of four paintings building up the layers of shapes and colours.


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