Crumbling Masterpieces, Salvaged oil paintings and researching conservation.

Hoping to use elements of some recently acquired painting for inspiration in archive project. These vulnerable and damaged old things unfortunately need a lot of attention, to prevent further decay or damage. If anyone has any information on Grace E.White the Artist, or has advice on how to deal with poor condition of three 114 year old Oil painting then would welcome contact.

I think its important to prevent further decay, but they have already taken damage from historic well meant but poorly carried out amateur conversations so am researching and gaining advice from experts rather than rushing in. Assessing damage of the larger pair of oil paintings. Discovered its filthy, the removal of the frame seems to have released 114 years of dust.

Also that they really need some kind of lining as apart from the obvious holes, the low quality antique fabric has become incredibly brittle and concerning that light can be seen in places where there are not even tears though painting, if held near a light, in poor state of decay as result of the fabric which it was painted on 😣. Brings it home why the tutors at Art School are always hammering home how important it is that work should be ‘Archival’. Use good quality materials people 😊!

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Image Source, of smaller painting with ornate carved frame Oil Painting, Potentially Edwardian, Un-signed subject Unknown, Artist unknown however may be by same artist as two other paintings sold with it – Grace E. White  , Chris Corish Studio Archive, Aberystwyth, Wales

Image Source, of larger pair, 1904 Edwardian, Artist – Grace E. White  , Chris Corish Studio Archive, Aberystwyth, Wales

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