Silhouettes are a cheap and simple way of creating a portrait, popular in the 18th century, provided an affordable means to get portraits made. The silhouette is not however an outline which is what was created to a certain extent. An Outline depicts the edge of an object in a linear form, while a silhouette appears as a solid shape.
‘Aristocrats & Fedora Hats’ August 2018


The Reason to look toward Silhouettes is they create an impression of a figure without the necessity to draw them. Using a process that had developed on one of my summer projects ‘Aristocrats & Fedora Hats’ I created stencils using photocopy’s of the images and painted around them developing what you see below, beginning to layer these images and create outlines rather than the solid Silhouettes ‘  allowed the composition to be more flexible below is one of my early attempts at this process based of the Great Yarmouth women that can be seen in previous post.


Scherenschnitt (Silhouette) von Ferdinand Ernst von Waldstein in Ludwig van Beethovens Stammbuch, 18th century Source/Photographer Unknown, This work is in the public domain. Source Wikipedia -

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