Beginning to work with the photos.

44205202_2126787150982746_7060418470705364992_nBeginning to develop, another painting initial sketches seen, I really struggled with this piece and soon began to look for innovative ways to work with this photo. The photo is of two women walking along Great Yarmouth Promenade, in Norfork in 1921,  poignant in 20181201_133647its date inter-war.  A moment of recovery from the horrors of The Great War and innocence of what was to come, frozen in time.

My attempts to work with this photo have not been met with the greatest of success, I am looking at developing new ways of working with it, as i attempted to create a painting with restricted  colour pallet but found i was up against my own self, as I was struggling with the finer details of this small compositions due to my coordination difficulties. Dyspraxic Painter difficulties!


Image Source Photograph of two women on Promenade, Great Yarmouth on the East Coast in Norfolk, Photographer – Jackson’s ‘Faces’, 1958, CHRIS CORISH STUDIO ARCHIVE, ABERYSTWYTH, WALES. 
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